SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference – For Storage Engineers by Storage Engineers

Keeping up with all the changes taking place in the storage industry is a major challenge for today’s storage architect. From high performance flash storage and cloud oriented object storage systems to software defined storage and big data analytics platforms, staying current with the technology can be a full-time job. So what’s a good way for storage professionals to quickly get up to speed? By attending the SNIA Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara next month from September 15th – 18th.

Storage Architect Centric

This is not your CIO’s technology conference. Instead, the speaker lineup is specifically geared towards storage technologists, architects and those tasked with making the critical storage design decisions to transform their information infrastructure for strategic business advantage. There will be breakout speakers from well established industry players like EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Google, but there will also be presenters from newer technology firms like Cloudian, Cleversafe, LoadDynamIX, Horton Works and InkTank.

The SNIA Storage Developer Conference will include a full slate of presenters over the course of the 4 day event that will cover a wide array of subjects such as, how to ensure that storage is secure – whether on premises or in the cloud, customer oriented storage performance management and emerging non-volatile memory technologies. Breakout sessions will also feature presentations on Hadoop, Object Storage, Big Data Analytics, Flash storage and much much more.

Practical Content Matter

And for those professionals concerned about finding the right balance between storage performance and storage efficiency, there will be sessions on how to accurately measure the performance impact of technologies like data deduplication and compression on primary storage systems. Then of course, they’ll be basic storage blocking and tackling breakouts dedicated to SCSI, iSCSI, Infiniband and Fibre Channel so that storage pros can determine what their best storage “plumbing” options are as they design solutions for their on-premise and cloud based storage needs.

Attending a show can be a big commitment, however, so storage professionals need to feel that it will be time well spent and time that they can justify with their management. Past attendees to the conference have stated that by interacting with experts and other storage engineers at the show they were able to gain insights which enabled them to solidify their storage roadmap plans and to actually accelerate their product development cycle.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

One of the other major benefits to attending the SNIA Storage Developer Conference is the opportunity to network and interact with other storage professionals. In addition to exchanging ideas and getting first hand accounts on how certain technologies are working in the “real world”, networking with your peers could lead to future employment opportunities.

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As a 22 year IT veteran, Colm has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from technical support of critical OLTP environments to consultative sales and marketing for system integrators and manufacturers. His focus in the enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions space extends from mainframe and distributed computing environments across a wide range of industries.

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