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Dell EMC Delivers Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.1 for In-Cloud Data Protection

One of the first announcements out of the chute at Dell EMC World 2017 is an updated version of Data Domain’s Virtual Edition (DD VE). The new version runs in both Amazon and Azure clouds and is designed to provide

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EMC World 2016 – EMC Really is a Software Company

Storage hardware vendors like to refer to themselves as software companies. While it is true that most of them write storage software that runs on off-the-shelf hardware, most of them require that you buy their hardware to get their storage

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EMC World 2015 – From PBBA to Protection Storage

While the basic backup process will probably always be the foundational component of data protection, IT professionals are demanding more from the data protection process, functions like replication, archive, snapshot management and application availability. Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) need

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Data Protection In The Cloud Age

What does the record turntable and a mainframe computer have in common? Plenty, according to Guy Churchward, President of EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division. During EMC World 2014, Guy made an interesting comparison about how both the music industry

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EMC Announces The Data Domain DD2200

Beyond Entry Level Protection Storage Today at EMC World, EMC’s Data Protection and Availability division announced the release of the new Data Domain DD2200 platform. This new system is designed to function as the new “entry-level” deduplication appliance in the

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Why IT Needs to Offer Data Protection As A Service

Technologies like application virtualization have given end users increasingly more choice in today’s IT marketplace. New business services can be rapidly spun up on-demand, either in the four walls of the data-center or out into a cloud service provider’s (CSP)

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Develop A Service Level Objective Driven Data Protection Strategy

Data protection needs to move beyond just merely backing up business data to redundant storage infrastructure. Instead, it needs 
to align with the specific service level objectives (SLOs) of the business application owner. There are tools which can help ensure that SLOs are being adhered to, however, this process will become increasingly automated as primary storage and protection storage architectures converge.

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