EMC Announces The Data Domain DD2200

Beyond Entry Level Protection Storage

Today at EMC World, EMC’s Data Protection and Availability division announced the release of the new Data Domain DD2200 platform. This new system is designed to function as the new “entry-level” deduplication appliance in the Data Domain family of products. With a modest list price tag of $20,000, this compact 2U appliance sports throughput and storage capacity attributes that more closely resemble enterprise-class data protection systems. For example, according to EMC the DD2200 can push up to 4.7 TB/hr using the DD Boost software, while storing up to 860 TB of data in a paltry 2 rack units.

Those organizations looking for ways to consolidate their backup and archiving footprint, may be enticed by the new DD2220’s ability to accept up to 60 backup and archiving workloads simultaneously. And when integrated with off-site replication, businesses can efficiently vault backup and archiving data sets electronically to a secure, secondary facility for DR purposes.

Multi-Tenant Deduplication

In fact, one of the key announcements made by EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division on April 3rd, was the ability for the Data Domain operating system (DDOS) to natively support secure, multi-tenancy. This gives businesses the flexibility to segregate backup and archiving workloads by different internal user groups or lines of business, on to the same Data Domain deduplication appliance. This helps IT organizations maximize the return on their backup investments by making these resources more broadly available to their internal or external customers. This new multi-tenancy capability, which is secured by 256-bit AES encryption, can also be leveraged to further reduce the cost of DR off-siting by replicating backup and archiving data to a managed service provider (MSP) facility. Those MSP’s offering data protection services with a multi-tenant Data Domain infrastructure, can enable businesses to forego the sometimes exorbitant costs associated with dedicated secondary or tertiary DR infrastructure.

Bundling the Data Protection Continuum

EMC introduced their “data protection suite” bundle this past April as well. This bundle includes NetWorker backup software and a VNXe3200 storage system. What makes this VSPEX enabled solution interesting is the built-in integration between NetWorker, the VNXe3200 and Data Domain appliances. For instance, data protection snapshots created by the NetWorker software on the VNXe3200, can be presented to a Data Domain appliance for seamless backup protection. Moreover, if a business needs to integrate an even higher level of data protection and availability into their environment, the data protection suite can be implemented with EMC’s VPLEX (RecoverPoint) continuous data protection (CDP) technology to support near zero recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPOs/RTOs).

This is an example of what EMC is calling the “Data Protection Continuum”. By leveraging different tiers of data protection across an integrated portfolio of data protection technologies, businesses can match the right protection tier with the right data asset, according to its underlying business value.

Storage Swiss Take

The performance and storage capabilities of EMC’s new DD2200 are impressive but the real value of the platform lies in its ability to be utilized across multiple business use cases and shared out securely to multiple application owners. In addition to improving efficiencies, these capabilities can enable organizations to deploy multi-tenant backup architectures that can be used to protect data in today’s virtualized environments, as well as in next generation cloud computing environments; helping to preserve backup investments for the long haul.

This plays directly into EMC’s long-term strategy of providing increased points of integration between their core storage platforms and the backup technologies in their data protection portfolio. The idea is to make it simpler for businesses to protect data wherever it is in it’s lifecycle – whether it’s critical online transactional data or data that simply needs to be efficiently and securely archived offsite. The concept behind EMC’s “Data Protection Continuum” is to match the right protection asset with the corresponding business RPO and RTO policy. The first example of this strategy was the recent announcement of the Data Protection Suite – enabling automated backup protection between snapshots on primary storage (VNXe) and the Data Domain appliance family, by using NetWorker and the Boost software as the data mover. Expect to see increased levels of integration and automated data protection functionality from EMC going forward.

EMC is a client of Storage Switzerland

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