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Meeting Data Security Demands With Object Storage

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. An organization’s data comprises important information such as customer and financial records, internal processes, marketing tactics and strategies, details of products and/or services that it produces. All of this contributes to an organization’s

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Briefing Note: The Next Generation Data Center demands SDS 2.0

The next generation data center requires a fundamental change in the way we implement and manage storage. IT professionals who are trying to implement these various changes have two basic options: Clean Slate or Augment. The problem is that both

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Can Object Storage Solve the RAID TCO Challenge?

The cost of storage is important in all data-dependent companies, but in hyper-scale environments like web-based enterprises, it can literally consume the business. With the simultaneous requirements of scalable capacity, reliability and availability, these organizations face serious challenges with storage

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A Better Answer than RAID and Replication for Cloud Storage

Cloud applications and web-based services, such photo sharing sites, create some monumental challenges for a storage infrastructure. Not only must they expand almost without limit, they also need to protect and secure data sets, typically for thousands or millions of

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