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Multi-Hypervisor, Multi-Use Application Availability

In an ever changing IT landscape, business owners and data center managers are finding it increasingly challenging to ensure that critical business information is not only adequately protected, but that the underlying system infrastructure is resilient enough to withstand outages

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Poor Performance Is The Same As Downtime

When the subject of application or data availability comes up in IT meetings the focus of the discussion is what to do when an application fails or the storage system that holds that application’s data fails. Occasionally with a savvy

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When Disaster Strikes, What’s Most Important?

Other than the obvious people issues, when a disaster strikes what’s most important for the data center? Given the time to think about it, most IT managers will answer the question correctly. The most important thing is to restore access

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Achieving Application Aware Availability

In a recent article, Storage Switzerland discussed methods for protecting an application from a storage system failure. Storage hardware, along with server hardware, is increasing in its reliability. The growing culprit of application downtime is the application itself either through

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What’s Missing From Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Part I – Protecting Applications From Storage System Failures When most IT professionals think of a disaster recovery plan, they think big, really big, like an earthquake, fire, flood, etc., where the data center is totally inaccessible. To protect against

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