Clustered HA Storage for the masses

Many organizations rely on large databases, such as SQL Server, SAP, and Oracle, to run their most mission critical business applications. But the cost of implementing application high availability (HA) and continuous data protection through a clustered storage infrastructure in these environments can be cost prohibitive. SIOS Technology claims to have a clustered storage solution that will ensure HA for mission critical applications such as SQL Server, SAP, and Oracle with no data loss, at a much lower total cost of ownership than conventional clustered, shared storage offerings.

Flexible Shared Storage Deployment

SIOS SAN and SANLess clustering software is designed to deliver HA clustering and asynchronous or synchronous data replication for offsite DR protection in Windows and Linux environments. But what may make SIOS’ offering very interesting to infrastructure planners is the fact that their technology can be implemented with internal server-side storage, a SAN or a combination of both. By freeing you from the limitations of shared storage, SIOS clustering software also enables you to create a failover cluster for HA protection in a cloud environment.

For many businesses, the shared storage platform is one of the most expensive assets in the data center. Between the initial hardware and software capital outlay and the ongoing operational costs of managing and maintaining a SAN, it’s not uncommon for the total cost of the storage environment to reach the high six figure range.

Storage Cost Containment

By allowing infrastructure planners to utilize internal storage to cluster their application environments, SIOS removes one very big cost component in the data center – the SAN. Through the SIOS SAN and SANLess clustering software, businesses can use internal, server-side hard disk drives and mirror these resources to conventional disk in another server to enable HA. And, to satisfy DR off-siting requirements, the data can be replicated (synch or asynch) to a secondary data center or to a storage resource in the cloud, using the replication software. Importantly, SIOS’s solution also supports the use of server-side SSDs. So when critical business applications need access to high performance storage systems, planners can deploy these resources as needed and they will be clustered and protected like any other storage device.

Licensing Defrayment

But SIOS’ value proposition doesn’t end there. In fact, by using their data protection software, businesses can, in some cases, actually lower their licensing costs. For example, to utilize many of the advanced HA clustering and data replication capabilities available from MS SQL Server, businesses need to purchase the SQL Server Enterprise Edition. The cost differential between the Standard Edition and Enterprise Editions of SQL can sometimes be 30% or more. And when these licenses need to be procured for multiple locations, the costs can add up quickly. The HA and replication features within the SIOS SAN and SANLess clustering software, however, obviate the need for businesses to license the Enterprise Edition of SQL for a two-node cluster. Instead, they can use the Standard Edition of the SQL software and leverage SIOS to manage SQL HA storage clustering and data replication.


Some software defined storage offerings mandate the use of specific server hardware and storage configurations to use their solution. What may appear like a golden opportunity to save on infrastructure costs through the use of commodity hardware can sometimes turn out to be a disappointment, especially for those smaller environments that don’t need excess processing power or high-end storage performance.

SIOS Technology’s SAN and SANLess clustering and replication software, on the other hand, allows businesses of all sizes to use standard commodity, server-side disk of any type to build-out a cost-effective, clustered shared storage solution for physical or virtualized applications, like SQL, that require HA and continuous data protection. Moreover, the solution can utilize a SAN in conjunction with server-side storage to give businesses a way to deploy a low-cost DR solution for their critical SQL, SAP or Oracle business applications. The end result is that businesses can get high levels of application availability and data protection very cost effectively without sacrificing performance.

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