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StorageSwiss sits down with MLB Network’s Asset Management group

Case Study – Major League Baseball’s 24/7 Cable TV Network Pushes IT to Extremes Major League Baseball (MLB) has been around since 1869. The first televised game was in 1939 and 70 years later, MLB Network was launched on January

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Briefing Note: Hybrid Cloud NAS for the Mid-Market Data Center

Businesses of all sizes are experiencing rapid growth of their unstructured data, and more than just traditional user files created by office productivity applications. This growth includes backup data, sensor data and data from internet-connected devices like surveillance cameras. The

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StrongBox Archive NAS solves problem of Long-term Unstructured Data Storage

Unstructured data is burying companies’ storage infrastructures. According to Gartner, files comprise 80 percent of all data, and its growth rate in enterprises will exceed 800% in five years. Compounding this problem is the need to store these data for

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WOS Access S3 creates Private Cloud with DDN Object Storage

Object storage was designed to support environments like the cloud that can have open-ended scaling requirements. Amazon developed the S3 interface to connect their object-based storage infrastructure to applications running in their own cloud. Now, enterprises can do the same,

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A Hybrid NAS for Unstructured Data

There is a small percentage of unstructured data that needs high performance, potentially even flash based storage but there is a much larger percentage that requires cost effective capacity. Premium NAS systems meet the performance demand of the first type, but there is room for improvement for the second type where cost efficient storage is so important. In this article George Crump, Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst discusses the need for a new type of Hybrid NAS, one that integrates disk and tape, instead of disk and flash.

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Nexenta explains the economics behind Software-Defined Storage

Nexenta is a software-only, software-defined storage (SDS) solution that enables users to create storage systems with the x86-based hardware of their choice and disk or flash-based arrays, with support recently added for all-flash arrays. Based on the ZFS file system,

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