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Public Clouds Provide Storage Tiers – Why Doesn’t Storage Software Support it?

Public cloud providers all have at least three tiers of storage to offer their customers. They often offer a high-performance tier for cloud native applications, a tier designed for active but not as performance sensitive, unstructured data sets and a

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A Step-by-Step Path to Full Cloud Utilization

The Use Cases for a Cloud Data Fabric The cloud data fabric (CDF) allows organizations without a cloud pedigree to take full advantage of cloud storage and compute resources. The CDF also enables the organization to move to the cloud

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Using the Cloud Data Fabric for Migrating Applications to the Cloud

A key component of most organization’s cloud strategy is migrating applications to a cloud provider to reduce dependence on on-premises infrastructure. The organization may want to host the application entirely in the cloud, use the cloud as a failover point

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