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ChalkTalk Video: Do Hyperconverged Architectures really Converge Networking?

Hyperconverged architectures claim to collapse compute, storage and networking into the same physical hardware. They create a cluster out of physical servers and leverage hypervisor technology to allow the cluster to run virtual machines and storage services at the same

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Product Analysis: Data Center Systems’ Structured Connectivity keeps the Agile Data Center Agile

Often overlooked, the cabling infrastructure is the circulatory system of the data center. An organization can invest in the most powerful servers, the fastest storage and the most advanced switches, but if data cannot flow smoothly between them these investments

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Video: Cabling Infrastructure – Critical for High Performance Flash Storage

Improving storage performance and response time is a high priority for IT professionals. To achieve this goal they are deploying all-flash arrays and upgrading network bandwidth. But cabling infrastructure is a part of the process IT often overlooks. Improperly designing

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The Criticality of Cabling Infrastructure in High Performance Storage Networking

Pushed by initiatives like high density virtualization, online database applications and low latency flash storage, fibre channel (FC) storage networking is entering a new era sooner than expected. These initiatives are forcing the move to 16Gb FC networking at a

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