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Does NVMe Flash Have to Be End-to-End

One of the advantages of the NVMe Flash standard is that it is networkable. NVMe over Fabrics (NVMf) brings direct attach storage like latency to shared storage systems. NVMf eliminates the need for modern applications like Hadoop and others to

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Product Analysis: Data Center Systems’ Structured Connectivity keeps the Agile Data Center Agile

Often overlooked, the cabling infrastructure is the circulatory system of the data center. An organization can invest in the most powerful servers, the fastest storage and the most advanced switches, but if data cannot flow smoothly between them these investments

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What is the total cost of Storage testing?

Welcome to the new world of storage technology evaluation. IT planners are being overwhelmed with new storage solutions to help them solve old problems. Most of these solutions leverage flash memory to help them address challenges like randomized I/O, scale

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Overcoming The VDI Storage Price Challenge

In a recent webinar, QLogic’s Steve Garceau accurately described the advantages of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) strategy, as well as the challenges. While there is the potential for cost savings, the primary benefit that data centers will see when

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Scaling Agentless SRM

Storage resource monitoring (SRM) technology has evolved from networked systems which communicated with dedicated software installed on the individual host elements, to architectures which largely eliminated these ‘agents’. This “agentless” technology consolidated these dedicated pieces of software into a ‘collector’

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