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Storage Controllers Active-Active vs. Active-Passive

The storage controller is the compute part of a storage array that runs the storage software. If the storage controller fails, the storage software can’t run and the array goes offline. As a result, redundant storage controllers are critical to

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Is it Time to Stop Worrying about Flash Wear Out?

Flash has made its way into enterprise data centers, replacing or augmenting hard disk drives (HDDs) in more and more servers. But many users seem to fixate on one characteristic of NAND flash solid state drives (SSDs), the fact that

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Are All PCIe SSDs Created Equal?

One of the more popular approaches to implementing solid state disks (SSDs) is to implement the flash memory on a PCIe card, which is installed directly into a server. This places the high performance storage directly at the point of

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What is a Storage Controller?

Storage arrays all have some form of a processor embedded into a controller. As a result, a storage array’s controller is essentially a server that’s responsible for performing a range of functions for the storage system. Think of it as

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