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Retroactive Deduplication and Compression

In recent months there has been a lot of attention given to how primary storage deduplication is being implemented; should it be implemented selectively, or always on? The problem with this discussion is that it first assumes that the existing

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Permabit Provides Retroactive Deduplication via EMC Select – Podcast

Retroactive deduplication is the ability to add deduplication to an existing storage array without the vendor having to change its storage software. One vendor that seems to be out in front with retroactive deduplication is Permabit. On a recent Podcast

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Pure Storage enhances Forever Flash

In early 2014, Pure Storage backed up its belief that flash storage was more than reliable enough for the enterprise by creating its “Forever Flash” program. The goal of the program was to end the longstanding practice of maintenance extortion

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The Tier-1 Storage vendor Deduplication and Compression challenge

Data centers are ready for increased data efficiency that they can get from primary storage deduplication and compression, especially for flash based storage systems. The cost of flash justifies these data reduction technologies and flash’s high performance actually enables their

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What is a Storage Controller?

Storage arrays all have some form of a processor embedded into a controller. As a result, a storage array’s controller is essentially a server that’s responsible for performing a range of functions for the storage system. Think of it as

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