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The State of Deduplication in 2015

At its core, deduplication is an enabling technology. First, it enabled disk based backup devices to become the primary backup target in the data center. Now it promises to enable the all-flash data center by driving down the cost of

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The difference between Retroactive Deduplication and Software Defined Storage

Short of buying a new storage system with storage efficiency (deduplication and compression) built in, it is difficult to add the technology to an existing storage array. Today there are two ways to accomplish this. First, you can wait for

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Retroactive Deduplication and Compression

In recent months there has been a lot of attention given to how primary storage deduplication is being implemented; should it be implemented selectively, or always on? The problem with this discussion is that it first assumes that the existing

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Permabit Provides Retroactive Deduplication via EMC Select – Podcast

Retroactive deduplication is the ability to add deduplication to an existing storage array without the vendor having to change its storage software. One vendor that seems to be out in front with retroactive deduplication is Permabit. On a recent Podcast

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