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Understanding White Box Networking and Open Network Operating Systems

For decades, an organization bought its network switching products from a single vendor such as Cisco. In most cases, that organization’s data center became 100% dedicated to that networking vendor and it was almost impossible for another vendor to gain

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Hardware Defined All-Flash Arrays for a Software Defined World – Storbyte Briefing Note

While software-defined storage (SDS) captures the attention of the market, enterprise IT professionals know that the hardware still matters. The problem is that while a multitude of SDS solutions have come to market the hardware selection pool is essentially limited

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Building Smarter, Simpler Storage Networks – Cisco Storage Networking Briefing Note

Storage architectures are becoming increasingly more complicated. There is more data coming from more applications. There are more users and developers. And there are more operational challenges as IT tries to maximize flash performance across multiple protocols. The storage network

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Real Time SAN Analytics, No TAPs – Virtual Instruments & Cisco Briefing Note

Capturing real time analytics from the storage area network is important to optimizing the network. However, the rapid adoption of flash technology makes it even more critical. The problem is capturing information in real time typically involves using TAPs. A

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Storage for the Real-Time Data Center

Organizations are expected to respond in real time to the needs of their customers. “Real Time”, however, is much more than just reacting faster to queries, it means tailoring the customer’s interaction with the organization so that they are presented

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