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What is Intent Based Networking?

Intent-Based Networking moves organizations from reactive networking where everything that happens on a network is in response to something, to proactive networking where everything that happens on a network is to deliver the business goal or the intent. Intent-based networking

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Defining SDN in the Open Networking Era

Software-defined networking (SDN) represents the future of networking. A “software-defined” network enables an organization to virtualize their network, automate operations to enable efficient network configuration, and integrate network functions across dozens of switches creating a unified network architecture that is

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Understanding White Box Networking and Open Network Operating Systems

For decades, an organization bought its network switching products from a single vendor such as Cisco. In most cases, that organization’s data center became 100% dedicated to that networking vendor and it was almost impossible for another vendor to gain

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Why Has SDN Adoption Been So Slow? – Pluribus Networks Briefing Note

The move to commodity hardware changed the way data centers scale compute and storage resources. The network, for the most part, is being left out of the movement. Once an organization makes a network vendor selection, it has very few

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