Solving the concerns of NOT going All-Flash – Podcast

Storage Switzerland and Tegile teamed up for a webinar on the four things you can do to a Hybrid Array to achieve All-Flash performance. Joining me in the podcast talk about webinar attendee concerns about a hybrid flash are George Crump of Storage Switzerland and Narayan Venkat from Tegile.

Hybrid storage arrays and All-Flash Arrays deserve equal consideration for your next data center storage system. But choosing between the two of them is difficult. Do you pick the attractive price per gigabyte of a hybrid system or the consistent, high performance of an All-Flash Array.

When making that choice one of the questions that is often asked is “if I go with a hybrid array, what will my performance look like when data is not in the flash tier and is recalled from disk?” The simple answer is that your performance will be similar to how it looks on a hard drive only array. In truth, the performance can actually be worse because hard disk only arrays tend to use high performance hard drives but hybrid arrays use slower, more cost-effective, high-capacity hard drives.

The key is to make sure you never, or at least as seldom as possible, experience a cache or tier miss. That is the focus of the above podcast and our webinar, "How To Make Hybrid Perform Like All Flash", which is now available on demand.

By registering for this on-demand webinar you will not only receive instant access to it but also to over 100+ on-demand webinars, covering a range of topics including flash storage, software defined storage, converged storage, hyper-converged storage and of course data protection. Many of our webinars include exclusive white papers available via the attachments button in the webinar player. So listen to the podcast and register for the webinar to get a complete understanding on how to optimize your Hybrid Array so it can deliver All-Flash performance.

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