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Hyperscale Data Acceleration – Vexata Briefing Note

Workloads such as high-performance transactional databases, high-volume analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) stand to unlock new value for the business, and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) promises to deliver on these levels of performance. However, deploying NVMe at

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Nexenta Releases Storage for Persistent Docker Containers

What if you do not consider one of the greatest advantages of containers to be an advantage to you? Many tout the stateless nature of containers as their single greatest feature. They start up, they accomplish their task, and they

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Overcoming the Hyperconvergence Planning Problem

Maxta Briefing Note Hyperconvergence is a compelling solution to organizations trying to simplify their virtual infrastructures in an effort to be more “cloud-like”. The technology consolidates storage software into the hypervisor of a virtual infrastructure, eliminating the need for a

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Software Defined Storage is more than Cost Reduction

Software Defined Storage (SDS) abstracts data services from the storage hardware, eliminating vendor lock in. With SDS a data center can be a mixture of different vendors’ storage solutions and the storage systems can be the best of breed for

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SlideShare – Is The All-Flash Data Center Myth or Reality?

In this webinar experts from Storage Switzerland and Tegile discuss if the All-Flash Data Center can become reality. We explore the return on investment that All-Flash systems can deliver, like increased user and virtual machine densities, lower drive counts and

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The All-Flash Data Center: Myth or Reality? – Podcast

We’ve heard about the possibility of an all-flash data center for a long time. But is it possible? Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump and Tegile Chief Marketing Officer Narayan Venkat join me on the podcast to preview an webinar

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Do Hard Drives have a place in the All-Flash Data Center?

When a data center makes the jump to all-flash arrays the impact is dramatic. Applications respond quick and IT operations become simpler as administrators stop spending hours squeezing performance out of hard disk bound systems. This means it’s “game on”

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Webinar: Is The All-Flash Data Center Myth or Reality?

It has been said that if you could afford to build an All-Flash data center, you would. But can we really create the All-Flash data center? Join experts from Storage Switzerland and Tegile as we discuss whether or not the

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What’s Holding Back the All-flash Data Center?

Flash has certainly become more affordable over the past several years and we continue to see more and more storage products introduced that include flash in one form or another. But most flash implementations are hybrid in nature, requiring that

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