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Can HPC Storage Solve Enterprise Data Management Issues?

High-Performance Compute (HPC) and the storage infrastructure that supports it has long been considered a realm unto itself. Enterprise IT would have nothing to do with it. However, in the past decade, massive I/O bottlenecks have emerged throughout IT infrastructure

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Software Defined Storage is more than Cost Reduction

Software Defined Storage (SDS) abstracts data services from the storage hardware, eliminating vendor lock in. With SDS a data center can be a mixture of different vendors’ storage solutions and the storage systems can be the best of breed for

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Briefing Note: StorReduce – Driving Down the cost of Cloud Storage

Because of the capacity requirements associated with it, the cloud storage use case is the most difficult to justify for enterprises. Paying for petabytes of capacity on a recurring basis can get very expensive, especially for backup and archive data

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Can NAS Scale to meet I/O demand?

Maximizing VM density is the goal as business grows and enterprise IT organizations scale their infrastructures to keep up – without breaking the bank. Dense VM environments are a more efficient use of IT resources, but they’re also more of

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