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The Impact of Extremely High Density SSD Drives – Viking Technology Briefing Note

The next generation of solid state drives (SSD) are coming to market. Some are focused on performance and are leveraging NVMe connectivity to reduce latency. Others are focused on extremely high capacity (50TBs+) and are designed for dense data center

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How NVDIMM Can Protect Flash SSD Appliances

As Storage Switzerland discussed in two articles recently flash based appliances are particularly vulnerable to power failures. This vulnerability is related to the way these appliances use DRAM to buffer writes and to store meta data tables. DRAM is volatile,

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How to Solve the SSD Endurance Problem

As the storage medium for main memory DRAM is where the processing work gets done in application servers. It’s generally the fastest mass produced data storage area available and can support the nearly unlimited cycle of writes and overwrites that

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SSD DIMM – An Alternative to PCIe SSD

PCIe Solid State Disks (SSDs) have become extremely popular in a very short amount of time. They provide uncomplicated access to high performance storage, allowing latency problems to be solved where the application is run – on the server. And,

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