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What is SRMaaS?

To keep up with the capacity and performance demands, IT is continually adding new storage systems to the data center. At Storage Switzerland, we find it is not uncommon for an organization to have seven or more different storage systems

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Webinar: Three Reasons SRM is Broken and How to Fix It

Storage Resource Management (SRM), given the growth in storage capacity, the increased emphasis on performance, and the number of storage systems IT is implementing, should be the most popular application category within the storage market. The reality is that SRM

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Lightboard Video: What is SRM as a Service?

Storage Resource Management is too complicated, doesn’t provide a complete enough view of the storage infrastructure, and is incredibly expensive. As a result, most organizations count on vendor tools to capture storage data. Then they manually consolidate that data in

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Visualizing Before Adopting the Big Three Storage Trends

In a recent paper entitled “3 Storage Trends, 1 Crucial Question” by Phil Godwin, Vice President of Marketing at Clear Tech, the author describes three storage trends: Flash Storage, Tiered Storage and Cloud Storage. He goes on to point out

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