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For the past few years, a wide variety of vendors have come to market with file sync and share solutions that were designed to replace consumer solutions that had made their way into the enterprise. Most addressed key shortfalls by providing better security and better IT control. But as they were deployed, a new problem arose as file sync and share solutions evolved into a full blown NAS replacement. Oxygen Cloud is introducing Oxygen Enterprise Desktop to address these key issues.

Users want access to all the corporate data that they are authorized for, not just their home directories. The problem is that the entire corporate NAS probably won’t fit on your laptop and definitely won’t fit on your tablet or smartphone. In fact, one of the compromises when moving to the new generation of lighter, thinner laptops with high performance solid state disk, is the available capacity is actually smaller than it used to be. For example, I am typing this blog on a laptop with only 128GB of SSD storage.

Enterprises Need Intelligent Sync

In the past, syncing was dumb and heavy. When you got your new laptop, you installed the syncing software and waited a looong time for the initial sync to complete. Oxygen Enterprise Desktop includes a new technology called Progressive Sync that finally brings intelligence to the syncing process. It is designed specifically for enterprises with massive file sets.

Progressive sync, instead of syncing all the files in a folder, only syncs the files that it thinks you will need to access on your device. This also means that Progressive Sync provides instant app startup, there is no initial load time required, even if the enterprise has terabytes of data in the cloud.

Progressive Sync only syncs the folders and files that you access. Progressive Sync also provides the ability to remove certain folders from your laptop when you are done by a feature called “collapsing”. While this data is then removed from your laptop it is still safely stored in the cloud and accessible by other users.

Not only does Progressive Sync bring faster startup but it also dramatically reduces the capacity requirement on local user laptops. In the normal workflow, there is only a small amount of files that the typical user needs to work on.They certainly don’t need all the data in the enterprise. In fact, in most cases, they don’t even need all the data in their home directory. The working set of data for most users is typically less than 5GBs.

As mentioned above, reducing laptop capacity is very important when considering modern laptops with SSD drives. There can be a several hundred dollar price difference between a 128GB SSD and a 500GB SSD. Saving $200’s or more per user laptop in the enterprise is significant. Oxygen Cloud could pay for itself just by reducing the capacity cost per desktop. It also should reduce bandwidth requirements required by users and the enterprise. Only data that they are working on or interacting with has to be transferred to them instead of every changed file.

The rest of Oxygen Cloud remains the same. Existing customer’s data does not have to be re-loaded and there are no changes to the administrative functions. Most importantly, Oxygen’s excellent security is unchanged.

Storage Swiss Take

As file sync and share solutions become more frequently deployed in business settings, the enterprise use case begins to expose new problems. One of those is when the file sync and share solution begins to replace the NAS as the common method for sharing files. At that point, syncing becomes this very heavy process where much of the data in the enterprise is loaded on corporate laptops. Oxygen’s Progressive Sync is one of the first solutions to take an intelligent approach to this problem by only syncing the folder and files that you have recently accessed. This lightweight approach will not only make file sync and share faster for users, it should save corporations money in terms of what type of laptop capacities and bandwidth are purchased.

Oxygen Cloud is not a client of Storage Switzerland

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