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Moving on From Mozy Endpoint

Protecting laptops, tablets, and smartphones (endpoints) are more critical than ever. Users use endpoints of all types to create data essential to the organization, but the user may never store that data on a corporate (and protected) fileserver. One of

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How to Turn Email into Knowledge – MailJive Briefing Note

In the digital age, organizations have countless ways in which they can communicate, but email remains the most popular. Email though is used for far more than just communication. The organization, rightly or wrongly, uses it to store documents, contact

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Can IT do Cloud Storage better than Cloud Providers?

Outsourcing some or all of your organization’s storage needs to a cloud provider sounds very appealing to overworked IT professionals. After all, who wouldn’t want to get rid of having to deal with storage management, data protection and upgrades? Cloud

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File Sync and Share As An Endpoint Protection Service

How To Backup And Protect Data In A Mobile World According to MarketWatch, approximately every 3.5 seconds someone in America loses a cell phone. Similarly, other end-user edge devices like laptops and tablets are also prone to loss or theft

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