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Streaming Recovery vs. In-Place Recovery – Which is Better?

Server recovery from backup typically means copying data from the backup device over the network back to a production storage system or server. In addition to copying the data across the network, the backup software has to extract it from

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Lightboard Video: The State of the File System Market

“Software-defined” is all the buzz, driven by the opportunity to cut costs and avoid vendor lock-in without impacting performance. The problem is that few file system vendors are able to truly deliver on this value proposition. In the following Lightboard

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Is Innovation in VMware Backup Dead?

The opening chapter of a white paper, “Cloud-native Data Protection for VMware,” available from Druva is titled “The Current State of VMware Data Protection.” While IT has seen a lot of innovation over the past decade, it seems that the

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How to Modernize Data Protection and Live to Tell About it

There are several vendors on the market today that want customers to modernize their current data protection strategy by selecting their solution. The problem with most of the modern data protection solutions is they don’t support the current solution in

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Overcoming the Real Roadblock to the All-Flash Data Center

All-Flash storage is taking over many, but not all, production storage responsibilities, but because of cost, most organizations can’t justify placing all production workloads on all-flash storage. These organizations then certainly can’t justify placing secondary storage and data protection workloads

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SlideShare: Ransomware, Rapid Restoration and Disasters – Recovering from Backup’s Three Biggest Challenges!

Organizations need to make sure their backup infrastructure can meet the recovery objectives of today’s biggest challenges: ransomware, rapid restoration and disasters. Businesses expect their IT teams to recover faster than ever and they need business performance to be the

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Axellio’s FabricXpress All-NVMe Server for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

A Validated Hybrid Strategy for the Most Demanding Environments The hybrid cloud is the nirvana that most enterprises are chasing. The problem is that most enterprises have not been able to standardize their infrastructure for centralized management. In a previous

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