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How to Protect Applications Running in Google Cloud – HYCU Software Briefing Note

When they are migrating or creating cloud-native applications, organizations need to consider how best to protect those applications. Most cloud providers provide very good high availability but don’t provide robust point-in-time recovery capabilities. Recovery from data corruption, user error and

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ChalkTalk Video: How To Develop a Cloud Storage Strategy That Works

As IT professionals begin to implement a cloud storage strategy they immediately face two challenges; the first is the actual transition itself. How to learn the new architectures available to them and how to deal with application incompatibilities as they

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How to Backup a cPanel Website to Google Cloud Storage

This blog post is part of a multi-part series. Before reading this blog post, make sure you take a look at my previous post, How to Backup a cPanel Website. You might also want to look at How to Backup

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How to Enable the Cloud to Master Physics – SwiftStack Briefing Note

The problem with the public cloud has always been physics. We like the idea of being able to access our data anytime anywhere, but the reality often falls short. It takes a lot of horsepower to get data from point

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SlideShare: How Viable is Google ColdLine Cloud Storage?

Google has recently announced expansion of their cloud storage service. It offers similar service levels as Amazon S-3 and Glacier, but with simplified pricing. How viable is their cloud storage product for the average customer? How do their service levels

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StorageSwiss Podcast: Analysis, Product Briefings, Deep Dive on Google vs. Amazon Cloud Storage

Listen to our latest podcast where we provide analysis on the latest news like: Carbonite buying DoubleTake Violin Memory being bought at auction StorageCraft buying Exablox Datto buying OpenMesh We also review our recent briefings including: Talon Vembu Actifio Zoolz

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Is Google Cloud easier?

Google cloud may be easier to use and understand than the 800 pound gorilla it is taking on. Amazon Web services (AWS) and Amazon’s object storage (S3) are easily the most well used cloud computing and storage platform at this

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StorageShort: How do you get Data to Google Coldline?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to transfer data to Google Coldline? It can be super easy or quite difficult, depending on the method you may use. George Simons of Sureline and Storage Switzerland’s Curtis Preston talk about

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Google Competes Head-to-Head with Amazon – Google Cloud Storage Briefing Note

Google surprised a lot of people with its very strong offering aimed directly at Amazon S3. It is clear the product managers offering the Google cloud storage product were very familiar with complaints people have about Amazon S3 and are

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Google Storage vs. Amazon Storage

I recently learned just how different Google cloud storage is when compared to its main competitor, Amazon. People that found Amazon’s product and pricing choices bewildering might find this information very interesting. Like Amazon, Google has four different service levels:

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