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High-Performance Cloud Integrated Object Storage

Some storage architects have been looking at object storage as the unstructured data heir apparent to legacy network attached storage (NAS). Object storage is cost-effective, scales well and has rich capabilities for data retention and perseveration, but it is incompatible

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Amazon RE:Invent is for Storage Professionals

Amazon RE:Invent is right around the corner, and Storage Switzerland will be there for the first time shooting our famous ChalkTalk Videos and attending various analyst meetings and vendor briefings. Amazon AWS’ various storage offerings deserve serious consideration for storage

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Webinar: Amazon RE:Invent for Storage Professionals – Three Capabilities to Look For

The sixth year of Amazon RE:Invent is almost upon us (November 27 to December 1 in Las Vegas). In this webinar listen to Storage Switzerland, Avere Systems and SwiftStack for a storage professional’s guide to the event. Learn about: The

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Podcast: Is Cloud Storage the Perfect Archive?

IT has a lot of questions about archiving. Is it really worth it? What should I use for archive storage? Will users embrace it? In our latest video podcast, Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst George Crump and I sit down with

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What Is The Best Way to Tier Within The Cloud?

The major public cloud storage providers now all offer multiple tiers of storage. Like in the data center each successive tier becomes less expensive per GB. But unlike the data center it becomes more costly per access. IT should look

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Podcast: Saving Through Archive?

Archiving is a lot more than buying an object storage system and putting old files on it. There are a lot of things to consider before creating an archiving strategy. How do you archive? What are the best practices? Do

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Can the Cloud Get IT Archiving?

The ROI of an archive project sounds good on paper. Implement archive, get near instant recalls of moved data, and reduce storage footprint by 85% or more. The problem is no archive implementation really does that. In our latest white

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