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Unified Storage 2.0

There are so many ways that organizations use data and for the most part each use case needs a different storage system. The problem is a “storage system for every use case” strategy is expensive, complex to manage and very

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ChalkTalk Video: Can you Get Total File Security in the Cloud?

Users create files. Over the years the size and number of files they create keeps increasing. Users also don’t work from a desktop at the office any more. They are mobile and have multiple devices. They want their files with

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How to Deliver Files Anywhere and Security Everywhere

Users seem to be everywhere and they can carry their compute in multiple forms (laptop, tablet, smartphone) at all times. They also want to have their files, the subset corporate data they work on, with them at all times. Also,

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Qnext’s FileFlex Virtualizes File Access across Disparate Storage Infrastructures and Devices

Modern organizations today, regardless of size, are faced with many laws and government regulations that require them to maintain control and security of their data as well as properly protecting that data. At the same time, they have to meet

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MeetTheCEO: Canvas CEO James Quigley

Canvas CEO James Quigley sits down with George Crump and Charlie Hodges to talk about his company. We talk to the veteran entrepreneur about Shadow IT and how his company uniquely addresses it. James also provides insight into his leadership

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Unifying Cloud Management through vCenter

Briefing Note: HotLink Introduces Hybrid Cloud Management For the traditional data center, VMware remains the dominant virtualization platform but as enterprise roadmaps begin to map in the cloud they are struggling with how to manage the hybrid environments they are

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ownCloud 8.1 Extends Beyond File Sync and Share

The Need to Share The wide spread proliferation of public file sync and share services like Dropbox, Box and various others, make it very easy to share almost any type of file regardless of its size, with anyone you want.

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What is Shadow IT? – and why you should care

“Shadow IT” is a name for the process that occurs when users self-select IT services, signing up for cloud-based services without the knowledge or approval of the IT organization. IT could take the attitude that Shadow IT is a good

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Briefing Note: Adeptia Connects Businesses and Resolves Shadow IT

Businesses face a common challenge in how to securely and seamlessly exchange data with other organizations they work with. The secure IT solution is to set up an FTP connection, but this takes time and isn’t exactly integrated into the

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Briefing Note: CipherCloud provides Shadow IT Insight

An organization’s users can now, with the swipe of a credit card, create their own IT infrastructure. The term for this is “Shadow IT” and it’s growing rapidly in organizations of all sizes. There are two steps to dealing with

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