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Overcoming the Real Roadblock to the All-Flash Data Center

All-Flash storage is taking over many, but not all, production storage responsibilities, but because of cost, most organizations can’t justify placing all production workloads on all-flash storage. These organizations then certainly can’t justify placing secondary storage and data protection workloads

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Is it Time for All-Flash Backups?

Businesses today are all about “agile.” For storage professionals, this means delivering ultra-low latency alongside high throughput and high input/output (I/O) operations per second (IOPS) to accelerate mission-critical application performance as much as possible. All-flash storage arrays have solidified their

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Lightboard Video: Does the SSD Architecture Really Matter?

It is easy to get caught up in the maximum performance potential of solid-state drives (SSDs), especially as we move into the era of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) access protocols. However, in reality, applications and service level agreements (SLAs) cannot

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Bringing the Cloud Model to On-Premises Flash Storage – StorPool Briefing Note

Legacy storage-area network (SAN) architectures are notoriously expensive and complex, leading many enterprises to consider migrating workloads off-premises. However, the public cloud model carries recurring costs that add up over time; with the growing petabytes of data that need to

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Why Metadata Might be Impeding Your Flash Performance

Metadata is an often overlooked but leading storage performance bottleneck. Metadata maps how files are stored on disks, and it summarizes characteristics of file attributes such as author and last date of access. As such, it is crucial to data

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Streaming Big Data Processing for Media Production and Beyond – Quantum Briefing Note

Organizations across industries are looking for ways to harness massive sets of streaming data. This pain point is especially true in the media and entertainment industry. High-resolution content is vastly increasing file size, and a growing number of users must

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