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Consumption-Based Data Protection Brings Predictability

Bringing predictability to the data protection process is not a lost cause. The problem is that IT lacks a purchasing model to make data protection predictable and a software/hardware stack that works well with that model. As discussed in the

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Why Data Protection-as-a-Service is Unpredictable

Economic unpredictability is the most significant challenge associated with data protection. The pool of data that must be protected continues to grow exponentially, and meanwhile, recoveries must be nearly instantaneous. Our previous blog discussed the challenges inherent in meeting these

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Will Cloud Backup Really Reduce Your Backup Investment?

Organizations make significant investments in their infrastructure. As production data continues to grow, the exponential impact on backup storage threatens to deplete IT budgets. The cloud promises to reduce on-premises backup infrastructure but most solutions only use the cloud to

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vCloud Powered Data Protection-as-a-Service

Automated data protection is becoming increasingly important given the fact that multiple IT stakeholders are taking a more active role in protecting their critical data. Virtual server administrators, database administrators and other application owners are now involved in the data

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