vCloud Powered Data Protection-as-a-Service

Automated data protection is becoming increasingly important given the fact that multiple IT stakeholders are taking a more active role in protecting their critical data. Virtual server administrators, database administrators and other application owners are now involved in the data protection process. But the challenge is most of these people are not experts in configuring and managing backup and recovery infrastructure. In this video, Storage Switzerland and EMC discuss how businesses can simplify data protection and help ensure that the right backup resources are assigned to the right business applications without requiring the expertise of a backup administrator.

Server virtualization is enabling businesses to rapidly deploy applications and reduce the time it takes to bring new services to market. VMware’s vCloud Director solution is helping to further streamline the application deployment process by allowing infrastructure administrators to create multiple virtual data centers (VDC) within a single physical data center.

A VDC can be configured with CPU, networking and storage resources that match a specific service-level policy. For example, a Platinum service-level VDC could be configured with the highest performing CPU, networking and storage resources available. Then when an end-user needs to deploy a new application that calls for a Platinum service level, all the necessary infrastructure resources will automatically get provisioned and assigned to the new VM within the VDC. These types of self-service capabilities are what defines the “as-a-Service” IT marketplace.

Likewise, data protection would also ideally tie-into this framework. That way through a single action, an application owner could also obtain the necessary protection storage resources to meet their business service recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).

Ideally, the underlying backup technology would have “virtual awareness” and be capable of efficiently backing up and recovering business information locally and sending it off site within a private or public cloud for DR purposes. The above video illustrates how EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division is helping organizations deliver Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) through Avamar and Data Domain’s tight integration with VMware vCloud Director environments.

For more information, see our product analysis of vCloud Hybrid Service.

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As a 22 year IT veteran, Colm has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from technical support of critical OLTP environments to consultative sales and marketing for system integrators and manufacturers. His focus in the enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions space extends from mainframe and distributed computing environments across a wide range of industries.

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