ChalkTalk Video: What is Cloud Based Copy Data Management?

Cloud based copy data management (CDM) has the potential to extract even more value from copy data than does conventional CDM solutions. Copy data is the copies of production data used to feed various other processes in the data center like backup, replication, test-dev, dev-ops, data reporting and data analytics. Without a management solution organizations end up manually making copies of data and moving that copy to the storage that the process will use. These extra copies result in a massive consumption of storage capacity, network bandwidth and operational time.

How CDM Works

A CDM solution’s value is that it makes a one copy of data and then presents virtualized copies of that copy to the other data center processes. They may also replicate that data an additional time to another location for disaster recovery protection or they may leverage the backup or replication processes to perform that function. In either case they are making at least two copies of data, one on premises and one at another location. And in both cases the organization needs to purchase compute (servers) to execute the processes that get the copies.

Inserting The Cloud

An alternative would be to move the second copy of data to the cloud. Instead of on premises, eliminating the second copy on-site and eliminating the third copy for DR. The copy in the cloud could serve both purposes. With data in the cloud, the organization can leverage cloud compute to perform the tasks, test-dev, dev-ops, data reporting and data analysis. As a result this would eliminate the need to permanently purchase compute for these processes. It also provides the organization flexibility, if it needs to create a large test or simulation, it can unleash 500 processors on the task for 30 minutes and then scale back as needed.

My colleague Curtis Preston provides a visual overview of Cloud-Based Copy Data Management in the below video.

Leveraging the cloud for copy data management allows us to also leverage the cloud for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). By using the same data for multiple purposes we lower the overall effective cost of those processes. Click to learn how cloud copy data management is just one way to lower DR expenses in our on-demand webinar, “How to Cut Disaster Recovery Expenses – Improve Recovery Times”.

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