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Speed is Critical For Ransomware Recovery

Speed of recovery from any disaster is always important, but it is most critical in terms of recovering from a ransomware attack. Most ransomware fees are typically a few thousand dollars, and are rarely more than $20,000. For the organization,

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How to Prepare for the Next WannaCry

WannaCry was a wakeup call. New ransomware strains are now appearing every week because ransomware is a profitable “business.” There will be another attack and the chances of your organization being infected are high. The time is now to take

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Is your Windows Backup Server at Risk of Ransomware?

Your Windows-based backup server may be at risk to ransomware. That was the take away from a recent talk on ransomware at the VeeamOn conference in New Orleans. A ransomware attack could either begin at your Windows-based backup server or

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Should Experts Convince You to Pay for Ransomware?

I may be an analyst for Storage Swiss now, but for 30 years I’ve also been in the news business. So with the emergence of “WannaCry” I’m seeing my two worlds collide. And it’s no surprise it’s over ransomware. We’ve

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How Do You Stop WannaCry?

Preventing the WannaCry attack is simple. Update Windows. Stopping the next ransomware attack may take more prevention steps. WannaCry leverages exploits that were made public when hackers revealed on April 14 a list of exploits that were allegedly developed by

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