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The Evolution of HPC Storage Architectures in Commercial Environments

High Performance Computing (HPC) environments have unique characteristics and some unique challenges that make them different from ‘traditional’ IT environments. HPC usually means big analytics projects that involve lots of data, high speed processing and frequently a compute infrastructure that’s

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Webinar – How Server Virtualization Is Breaking Disk Backup

How Server Virtualization is Breaking Disk Backup

Disk Backup Appliances have traditionally featured deduplication as the primary selling point. While efficiently storing protected data is critical, the ability to scale your systems to meet rampant data growth – while maintaining backup windows and meeting recovery objectives –

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White Paper – Defining Enterprise Archive

Archiving is the process of moving inactive data from primary disk-based storage to an easy-to-access secondary storage tier. The objective of archiving is to gain cost and operational efficiencies while reliably protecting information for the long-term. An Enterprise Archive is

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Visualizing SSD Readiness

For many enterprises, Solid State Disks (SSD) should no longer be a future consideration and they are visualizing SSD at work in their data center. Many environments can take advantage of SSD right now and the organization can benefit from

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