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Is Software The Key To The Flash War?

Interest in All-Flash storage systems is on the rise from the investment community and it is certainly attracting the interest of IT planners looking to create more scalable database environments and more densely populated virtual infrastructures. All-Flash systems enable scale,

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Are Flash Devices Putting Sensitive Data At Risk?

Flash based storage systems are now the “go to” option for improving the response time of performance sensitive applications. Some applications that require high performance are also storing extremely sensitive data that needs to be completely sanitized if the flash

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The Unknown Risk of SSD Mapping Tables

Solid State Disks (SSD) and Flash Appliances use mapping tables to track where data is stored on the flash device. These tables play a similar role to iNode or File Allocation Tables (FAT) and if they get corrupted or lost,

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Power Failure and Flash Storage

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the issue of power failures in flash based solid state storage systems. In various tests run by industry associations flash based solid state disk (SSD) devices, when subjected to a sudden power-loss,

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The Cost of Over-Provisioning Flash Arrays

All-Flash Arrays have to overcome two key obstacles when trying to gain acceptance as storage systems which can be utilized across a wide number of use cases in the data center. First, they must be durable and secondly, they must

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