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Is Object Storage Really the Future of Unstructured Data Storage?

Simply put, unstructured data is breaking traditional network-attached storage (NAS) architectures. The scale-up nature of traditional NAS solutions renders the storage controller a bottleneck in being able to handle the intensive metadata operations that are associated with unstructured files, forcing

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Challenges with Traditional NAS Solutions

Traditional network-attached storage (NAS) arrays have long been a strong match for scalable, file-driven use cases such as enterprise file sync and share. In the world of unstructured data, however, problems emerge. Molly Presley, Global Product Marketing Director for Qumulo,

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SlideShare: NAS vs Object – Can NAS Make a Comeback?

For over a decade Network Attached Storage (NAS) was the go to file storage device for organizations needing to store large amounts of unstructured data. But unstructured data is changing. While large file use cases are still prevalent, small file

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What is Small Data?

Big data is largely heralded as the new end all be all for modern competitive advantage, that is underpinning storage requirements and buying decisions. Big data indeed can be invaluable in helping businesses to streamline operations, to unlock new revenue

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