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Webinar: NAS vs Object – Can NAS Make a Comeback?

For over a decade Network Attached Storage (NAS) was the go to file storage device for organizations needing to store large amounts of unstructured data. But unstructured data is changing. While large file use cases are still prevalent, small file

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Lightboard Video: What is the Next Generation of NAS?

Unstructured data continues to grow unabated and traditional network attached storage (NAS) systems simply can’t keep pace. These systems are often cloud ignorant, can’t deal with the growing population of small file workloads and provide almost no insight into the

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Modernizing NAS Instead of Replacing It – Qumulo Briefing Note

Organizations are almost universally struggling with storing and managing their unstructured data. From a storage system perspective, vendors offer legacy NAS systems, object storage systems and cloud storage services, all trying to convince IT professionals that they are the best

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Understanding Gartner’s Object Storage Quadrant

Analyst firm Gartner released its latest version of its Magic Quadrant for object storage that attempts to rank and organize the distributed file system and object storage system market. Instead, it really creates more questions and confusion instead of providing

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Solve Your Storage Headache – Unlimited Scale but Controlled – Qumulo Core 2.6 Briefing Note

Then and Now Over the last decade, organizations have experienced massive changes in the data center and the storage industry. Workloads found in modern data centers today are vastly different from what was common back in the days of dedicated

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MeetTheCEO Podcast – Qumulo’s Peter Godman

In this week’s MeetTheCEO Qumulo‘s Peter Godman joins George Crump and Charlie Hodges to talk about his company’s product, Qumulo Core, the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS. Qumulo Core is a software-only, flash-first hybrid design that is optimized for the

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Storage news and insight update 3-21 – Podcast

George Crump joins me to talk about some of the latest in storage news and insight for the week of March 21, 2015. Links to the articles in this podcast: Qumulo delivers Next Generation, Data-Aware Scale-out NAS Physical Servers Matter

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Briefing Note: Qumulo delivers Next Generation, Data-Aware Scale-out NAS

Scale-out storage has a fundamental weakness, according to startup Qumulo, it can grow easily but also increases data management requirements as it does capacity. This means that as storage systems grow they get less efficient and more expensive to run,

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