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Product Spotlight: Veeam Availability Orchestrator Version 2

Organizations can no longer count on a “best efforts” disaster recovery strategy. They also can’t afford to take a “recover everything instantly” strategy. IT must balance the recovery requirements of the organization with the realities of the budget to make

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Taking Advantage of Object Stores Like EMC ECS – Right Now

Object storage is the storage methodology for the future of unstructured data and more. Next generation applications are able to write directly to object storage and take advantage of its sophisticated resource management capabilities. But enterprises have unstructured data problems

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Where Is The Copy of Record in a File Sync & Share Service? – CTERA Product Spotlight

When assessing Enterprise File Sync and Share services (EFSS), it’s essential to understand the concept of the copy of record. What is the “copy of record?” The term is borrowed from the legal world, and it refers to the original

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