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Object Storage Can Reduce Hadoop Storage Costs

Hadoop is an open source software framework licensed by the Apache Software Foundation that uses a distributed compute infrastructure to handle large, batch analytics jobs on very large data sets. It does this by breaking these projects down into a

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Object Storage Industry Veteran Cleversafe now Supports Hadoop

OBS has been a hot topic of late, and rightly so, it’s a technology whose time has come. The advantages it brings to companies facing extreme data growth, often referred to as ‘hyper-scale’ environments, are pretty remarkable. Basically, object storage

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Solving Hadoop Storage Challenges by Converging Storage and Compute

Cleversafe’s object-based, scale-out storage architecture leverages a unique information dispersal algorithm to distribute data objects across multiple storage nodes (called Slicestor ** nodes). These nodes can be located in a single data center or spread around the world. Using a

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