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Data Profiling Grows Up – Index Engines 5.1

Data profiling allows organizations to report and analyze file and email content in order to streamline their data center. By non-disruptively scanning NAS and server storage repositories, backup tapes and archives such as SharePoint, IT planners can gain deep insight

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Cloud Data Control – Metalogix

In the wake of the Nirvanix Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, maintaining control over business data deployed in public cloud infrastructures is even more critical than ever. Solutions like cloud-to-cloud mirroring, for example, are likely to be the norm moving forward.

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Stopping Storage System Sprawl

Unstructured data can come from a variety of sources including traditional office productivity files, rich media or data generated by sensors and cameras. It can also come from semi-structured environments like Exchange and SharePoint. Even though each of these examples

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Rethinking the Storage Controller for Unstructured Data

Conventional wisdom suggests that most business data is stored in database applications, however, unstructured data comprises approximately 70-80% of the total data in a typical environment and, according to some industry sources, is growing 5x as fast. File-based data is

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