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Briefing Note: QLogic Powering End to End 16Gb FC

Storage, the Bump in the 16Gb Road 16 Gbps (Gen 5) Fibre Channel (FC) has been available for several years and it is an ideal network choice for storage systems that count on flash to meet the performance demands of

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Chalk Talk Video – The Software Defined Data Center Needs Next Generation Storage Networks

As we discuss in our video “Fibre Channel – The Next Generation,” organizations are moving beyond simple virtualization and into the software defined center. As a result, new requirements are being placed on the storage infrastructure. These data centers are

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What is TRILL’s Role in FCoE Storage Networks?

TRILL is an acronym that stands for Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links and is a proposed Link Layer (L2) networking standard from the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). TRILL is important because as large data centers begin to combine

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