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How To Scale Object Storage

Scalability has always been an important characteristic of enterprise storage systems, maybe the most important, since the rationale of consolidating storage assumes that the system can easily grow with aggregate demand. With applications like cloud storage, the ability to scale

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What Is Object Storage?

This past week Storage Switzerland and other industry influencers joined Cleversafe, Data Direct Networks, Intel, Nexsan, Quantum, and Scality at the Next Generation Object Storage Summit in Florida. The first order of business was to try to explain what Object

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Feature Rich NAS for the SMB

One of the first, if not the first server that a growing business will get is a network attached storage server. As we discussed in our recent article “SMB NAS Requirements”, these systems should be able to provide several important

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Dot Hill Briefing Note

Dot Hill has a rich history as an OEM supplier that built mid-range storage solutions for various manufacturers in the industry. They are now moving into a new era by providing unified storage solutions. These are either a turnkey storage

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What is Cloud Storage?

The IT industry (manufacturers) sometimes gets ahead of itself. Time and again it’s guilty of introducing a technology, generating an enormous amount of discussion, and then moving on before the real implementors, IT professionals, get a chance to really understand

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