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What’s Next after NVMe?

NVMe is a protocol designed specifically for memory based storage technologies like flash drives. The new industry standard protocol is seeing rapid adoption among vendors meaning the data center may see these solutions become mainstream before the end of the

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Non-Volatile RAM is Real – Everspin Briefing Note

The future is now. For years it seems like non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) has been a technology that is just over the horizon. While there have been some isolated use cases where the technology makes sense and is being used, we

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Webinar: NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics and Beyond – Everything You Need to Know

NVMe is an industry standard protocol designed specifically for memory-based storage like flash drives. It unleashes flash arrays from the chains of SCSI that hold it back. Register for our live webinar and learn what NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics

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NVMe and NVMe Over Fabrics Critical To Next Generation Storage Architectures

The storage media used to be the slowest component within the storage architecture. Now, thanks to flash, it is the fastest. While the performance and low latency of flash allows data centers to make significant steps forward in application scale

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