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The Future is High Capacity Hard Drives – Seagate Briefing Note

Flash Storage dominates the headlines. But as a storage medium its availability is, at a minimum, constrained and more than likely the industry will see a shortfall of available flash for the foreseeable future. The problem is it takes billions

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Flash + SMR = Storage Density and Performance

Cloud and traditional data centers face two competing challenges. The first is meeting the ever-increasing demand for performance. Flash, in its various forms, can meet these requirements. On the other end of the spectrum is meeting the demands of storing all the data we create. The answer to these environments has not been as simple. Flash, by itself, is not the answer due to its higher cost per GB. SMR hard drives improve the ability to meet capacity demands, but have limited random write performance. By coupling SMR drives with flash, these two technologies can create a very practical solution which enables adoption without significant change to the existing infrastructure. In this article we will discuss how SMR drives work and how they can be coupled with flash to meet both of these challenges

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Seagate’s Kinetic Drives improve Cloud Storage TCO and Performance

In an earlier column we talked about the world’s insatiable appetite for storage and the gap between projected demand and supply of that capacity. In response to this demand disk drive companies are thinking beyond the drive, to the array

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Seagate plans 20TB Hard Drives… but we’ll still need more!

At their second Industry Analyst Cloud Summit in San Francisco last week, Seagate shared some information that we’ve heard many times: the amount of data being created is almost incomprehensible. But they said something that many probably haven’t heard before:

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