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Splunk Storage Basics

Splunk is software for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data. While there is a lot of talk about “big data initiatives”, this is the big data that organizations have right now. Use cases include predictive analytics for IT operations, security

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Webinar: How To Design High Performance, Cost Effective Splunk Storage

Organizations have an analytics project right in front of them — log data created by the machines and systems they already have deployed. Analysis of this data can lead to better decisions, problem detection and tighter security. Splunk is a

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Data Center Modernization Still Needs Shared Storage

Organizations are increasingly embracing technologies like OpenStack and Docker so IT can become more agile, as well as be able to adapt to user or customer demands rapidly and cost effectively. IT’s new found agility, though, requires equal flexibility from

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Flash Memory Summit Video – How Can Flash and DRAM Work Together?

Flash storage is of course a major theme at the Flash Memory Summit, but also is server memory. The need to increase the amount of memory per server is critical to making applications like MySQL, Splunk, Cassandra and Couchbase live

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Storage Challenges can Dunk Splunk Projects

Don’t get caught unaware of the storage challenges of your future Splunk project. If nothing else, at least be aware of the amount of storage that a Splunk project can generate and prepare yourself for the cost of acquiring and

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