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What is Computational Storage?

Modern workloads such as analytics of data generated at the edge require vast amounts of data to be processed in parallel. As discussed in our previous blog, the advent of solid-state drive (SSD) storage media has caused the interface between

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Solving the Flash Density Pipes Problem

The density of flash storage is increasing every year, 64TB solid state drives (SSD) are arriving next year, and within a year the data center may see 100TB+ SSDs become commonplace. Another significant change is that the data center, thanks

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ChalkTalk Video: Computational Storage With In-Situ Processing

What is Computational Storage? It only takes a few NVMe flash drives to saturate a server’s PCIe Bus. Network those NVMe flash drives and the situation only gets worse. Computational Storage solves the problem by placing compute capabilities directly on

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Dramatic Improvements in Analytics Performance by Using Computational Storage – NGD System Briefing Note

The first step in providing an answer to any question is to narrow down the choices. Analytics applications, both modern and legacy, are no different. In response to a query, they must scan massive amounts of data to select the

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