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Webinar – Bringing Cloud / Object Storage to the Tier 2 and SMB Data Center

The object storage systems used by cloud storage providers (CSPs) are designed to bring scalability, reliability, and near zero management to their data centers while significantly reducing storage acquisition costs through the use of commodity drives. These attributes are in

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Rethinking the Storage Controller for Unstructured Data

Conventional wisdom suggests that most business data is stored in database applications, however, unstructured data comprises approximately 70-80% of the total data in a typical environment and, according to some industry sources, is growing 5x as fast. File-based data is

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Unstructured Data Storage For The Mid-Market

Unstructured data (data that’s outside of databases), is growing at an out-of-control pace in organizations of all sizes. Large cloud service providers and some larger enterprises have dealt with this challenge by embracing object storage. For smaller data centers and

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