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Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications Exposes New Storage Bottlenecks

IT administrators have reached a level of confidence with VMware and other hypervisors that make them more comfortable with virtualizing mission-critical workloads, like Oracle, SAS, and SAP. The goal is to gain the flexibility of a virtual compute infrastructure to

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Lightboard Video: Overcoming The Risk of Virtualizing Tier 1 Workloads

Organizations virtualize more than just standard applications, today businesses mandate the virtualization of mission critical applications like SAP, SAS, Oracle and MS-SQL. Placing these performance dependent applications in a virtualized environment could potentially risk inconsistent performance because they now share

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How the Cognitive Era Impacts Storage – Vexata Briefing Note

Many enterprises have started or are well down the path of exploring the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning. The result of all of these initiatives is the cognitive era where systems almost appear to think

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