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Flash As Memory Instead of Storage

Diablo Technologies Memory1 Briefing Note Flash is typically thought of as a fast alternative to storage, the ultimate hard drive upgrade. But it is memory, so there is no reason IT can’t use it as an alternative to DRAM. The

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Podcast: Flash Memory Summit Day 2

George Crump and Charlie Hodges talk about a busy second day at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, and then look ahead to George’s talk next week in Raleigh/Durham and then WMworld in San Francisco. Show Notes Diablo Briefing

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Flash as RAM not Storage

Briefing Note: Diablo Delivers Flash As Memory Since its introduction to the enterprise, flash has been viewed as an expensive but fast alternative to the hard disk drive, but not as inexpensive as RAM. Flash implementation options like PCIe SSDs

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Memory Bus Flash delivers vSAN Performance Acceleration

Software defined storage solutions like vSAN are gaining increased attention. But vSAN systems can only support one flash device. The challenge is one flash device may not be enough to handle all the I/O throughput from multiple applications. In this

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