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Is Real-time Tiering the Next Big Thing in Storage?

Dot Hill is a storage array manufacturer that’s built a name for itself primarily in the OEM world. They’ve been manufacturing mid-range storage arrays for over 25 years, currently supporting HP, Lenovo, Stratus, Quantum and a number of other vendors,

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How Does Shutterfly Keep 80PB of Pictures Safe and Available?

Shutterfly is the market leader in digital, personalized photo products, currently serving millions of customers who benefit from unlimited, secure (and free) storage, plus a 100 percent happiness guarantee. They help customers turn their pictures into lasting keepsakes, such as

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What Does It Mean When A Startup Changes CEOs?

In almost every instance the first CEO of a storage startup is the guy with the brilliant idea. When a start up changes CEOs it generally means one of two things; either the company is in trouble or things are

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What Is Dispersed Storage?

Keeping unstructured data available, as data sets continue to grow, is a key challenge for today’s data center. The access requirements of unstructured data often preclude relying 100% on capacity centric tape so higher capacity disk solutions, for many organizations,

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A Better Answer than RAID and Replication for Cloud Storage

Cloud applications and web-based services, such photo sharing sites, create some monumental challenges for a storage infrastructure. Not only must they expand almost without limit, they also need to protect and secure data sets, typically for thousands or millions of

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