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Flash Aware Fibre Channel

The key objective for organizations investing in flash is to make sure that they are getting the maximum performance out of their premium investment. This means making sure that the application and storage infrastructures are optimized for the near zero

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The Fibre Channel Freight Train Keeps Rolling

Emulex Survey Shows Rapid Gen 5 Adoption When it comes to storage networking, iSCSI, NAS and even InfiniBand have all raised their hands as potential challengers to Fibre Channel (FC). It would seem, however, that the veteran of storage protocols

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How To Design a 2 Million IOPS Storage Architecture

In order for databases to scale, virtual environments to become denser, and analytics to become more real-time, storage performance needs to scale. That means designing storage architectures that not only meet the needs of today’s applications but also the needs

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The Million IOPS Data Center

Storage Switzerland recently completed a lab audit of a test performed by Brocade, Emulex and Violin Memory that achieved over two million IOPS. The report is available now and you can get a copy of it by attending our webinar,

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2 Million IOPS – It Takes A Flash Village

Storage Switzerland was recently commissioned by Brocade, Dell, Emulex and Violin Memory to audit a lab test in which we were able to design an environment that delivered over 2 million IOPS. As we went through the testing process I

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