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SLC vs MLC – does it matter any more?

When an IT professional starts looking into solid state drives (SSDs) they quickly learn that flash is very different from magnetic disk drives. Flash employs a much more complex write and erase process than traditional hard disk drive (HDD) technology

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Develop A Service Level Objective Driven Data Protection Strategy

Data protection needs to move beyond just merely backing up business data to redundant storage infrastructure. Instead, it needs 
to align with the specific service level objectives (SLOs) of the business application owner. There are tools which can help ensure that SLOs are being adhered to, however, this process will become increasingly automated as primary storage and protection storage architectures converge.

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What is a Flash System OS?

Texas Memory Details Its Secret Sauce Today’s flash storage systems have a lot of work to do. There is the lowest level flash management that includes error correction and wear leveling. Then there is the more advanced functions that manage

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